baby & me yoga


Reconnect with body, mind, and spirit post-birth, nurture a healthy bond with your baby, and connect with a community of new parents. Infant massage, yoga asanas that include your baby and deep relaxation to help you strengthen, balance, and restore. Dads and babies welcome, too!

The class is very informal and lively, and there is absolutely no pressure or expectation for your baby to “behave” in a certain way! Part of the yoga practice is truly welcoming the babies just as they are, learning to cultivate awareness and breathing instead of tension and worry.

Using interactive, slow-moving postures the class is ideal for parents and babies 4 weeks to crawling. Class also includes infant massage and various exercises that assist the development of your child’s motor skills. Baby & Me yoga will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby.

Thank you for remembering that your class time is 1 hour. While we understand your little one needs a feeding/changing and that the social aspect is amazing, keep it to a respectable length as the teacher needs to wait for each of you before they can leave. (Maximum 30 minutes post class time please)

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Downtown | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 384 SOUL (7685)

Fridays @ 115 pm | 60 min
start April 27
start June 15
start August 3

West End | 836 Gardiners Rd, Kingston ON | 613 384 MIND (6463)

Mondays @ 115 pm | 60 min
start April 16 – no class May 21
start June 4 – no class July 2
start July 30 – no class Aug 6 + Sept 3

Wanting to join mid way through a session?  We can pro-rate it!  Simply contact us

6 WEEKS | 60 min class each week

Investment: $75

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About the facilitator(s):
Gill Brown
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Gill Brown
I did my 200 hr teacher training with Don & Amba Stapleton, Yoga for Childbirth with Dorothy Guerra, as well as some amazing workshops and courses with Amy Ippoliti, Natasha Rizopoulos, Maria Garre, Seane Corn, Michelle Cormack, Paul Grilley and Michael Stone. I practice to create space both inside of my physical body as well as my mind. I practice to bring more awareness, connection and clarity into every thing that comes to me. I practice because no matter what state I'm in when I arrive on my mat, I always leave feeling so good, so alive.
Maggie Juby
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Maggie Juby
Ahhh, this fine love affair with breath and movement began as a toddler, and it took form as an uncontrollable desire to swing, sway, dip, dive and lengthen. From the age of three on i was graced with a natural innate sort of discipline to study the body and its capabilities through classical ballet mostly, and many other styles of dance... but, ballet was my love. I danced, I studied, I traveled and I taught...this at 15 yrs old revealed the natural teacher in me, and so I became a dance teacher! Movement connected me to my soul, this was very clear, so again very naturally at 18yrs i began sitting with myself, meditating i'd guess you'd call it...i felt i needed it, and it interested me...and it worked! In very tiny doses it too showed me another way of feeling whole and alive, like dancing had done. On my own, in the country i began to incorporate some yoga postures into my days and i found myself at dance auditions going off into a corner to do Tree and Triangle and breathe deep to calm and prepare myself. I fell in love with this tool and felt it to be such a gift. By accident i stumbled on a teacher in Kingston who offered training and without question i emptied my bank account and learned! Since that day almost 10 years ago i have been leading classes that are based in and for "YOU" the student, in hopes that you too catch a fleeting or long lasting moment of joy, connection, spirit, or simply a love for extension, movement or stillness. Deep roots, foundation and a lot of love, Namaste