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Sunday Jan 26: How yoga Works

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How Yoga Works

by Geshe Michael Roach

Everyone knows that the Yoga Sutra is the ultimate source of all yoga. What you might not realize is that this ancient book contains all the secrets you need to know in order to heal both your body and your heart; to overcome any kind of illness or unhappiness; and to reach a place of splendid health, strength, and peace. The secrets of how yoga really works to make us truly whole are revealed here in a delightful story based on how these precious teachings reached Tibet from their home in India over a thousand years ago.

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OUR BOOK BUY-BACK PROMISE Participation in the Samatva Spirit Book Club is free but students must secure their own copy of the book. We guarantee the buy back of your book at 50% the cost you purchased it for - receipt is required + book must be in relatively good condition.Order your copy on Audible, Amazon, Indigo or the Library and join us on Facebook and our Group Gathering to read together throughout the month.

Sunday, January 26
– 6:30-7:30pm –

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WE REQUIRE A MIN OF 5 PEOPLE TO RUN THE MEETING Since a book club is best enjoyed with discussion, we have decided as a group that a min of 5 people booked in the group meeting (found on the regular studio schedule) will be required. For this reason, we would like to make it mandatory that you do include your name in the meeting roster if you are attending. In the case we have less than 5 people, you will be called the day before to be notified of the cancellation.

About the Book Club

The Samatva Spirit Book Club offers curious yogis the opportunity to delve deeper into discussion about different topics in yogic wisdom and philosophy, human experiences and esoteric ideas and connect with fellow yogis off the mat.  Every month Jaime Wood (Samatva founder) will pick one book and share it with the group.  Depending on the book length + holidays - may be up to 6 weeks per selection. #mysamatva

JOIN THE CONVERSATION - IT'S FREE! We do ask you to sign in + join our Book Club Facebook Page Even if you do not finish the book you are still welcome to join the group. You don't even have to participate every month!  Please bring 2 non-perishable food items for donation each meetingg.

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