Beginners Foundations Series
starting November 29

In Registration Open by Samatva Yoga

About the Session

Over 6 weeks, we will help you to gain insight for easing into your practice by learning the foundations of breath, body & yogic philosophy. With the newest of yogis in mind, we introduce and work with the cultivation of mind-body connections proven to have a profound positive effects in all your life’s areas.


The yoga experience helps tone the body and calm the mind, allowing us to deal with the pressures of daily life.

  • instruction & demonstration for beginning level yoga postures
  • basic tenets of the yoga practice
  • how to stretch properly to maximize flexibility & avoid strain
  • learn yogic breathing
  • learn to develop inner strength & focus
  • become familiar with meditation’s benefits & techniques
  • explore and experience toning & relaxation
  • begin to reduce stress
  • learn detoxification benefits of asana
  • build confidence & self esteem
  • cultivate awareness & the attention to the flow of energy (prana)
  • learn to remain present & non-competitive
  • exclusive discounts for regular class passes & memberships

about the unlimited option

The best way to start a yoga practice is to attend 2-3 classes per week. As the Beginners Foundations Series offers you (in the basic option) one class per week, we encourage all new students to add the unlimited pass to enable their start to be a most successful one. Our regular one month unlimited rate is $108. Your course will cover 6 weeks (unlimited cost of $200 normally) and for ONLY $46 you can upgrade your basic 6 week course to an unlimited experience. Your Unlimited Upgrade is valid at both studio locations for all room temperature drop-in classes. Sorry, no hot yoga for this one! We hope that this amazing rate reduction will encourage you to remain dedicated to your intention to begin a yoga practice. Changes await you!

missed a class?

Should you miss a class, you can make it up during the timeframe of your series in any drop-in class (teacher can offer suggestions). As these are pre-registered sessions, there are no spaces to “jump in” on another groups session. All Samatva programs are non-refundable or session transferrable.


West End | 836 Gardiners Rd, Kingston ON | 613 384 MIND (6463)

Thursdays, start Jan 17 @ 800pm
Mondays, start Feb 4 @ 800pm no class Feb 18
Thursdays, start Mar 7 @ 800pm
Mondays, start Apr 1 @ 800pm no class Apr 22

Downtown | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 384 SOUL (7685)

Our Downtown location hosts our 2-Hour Yoga 101

6 WEEKS | 75 min class each week

Investment: $75 – $125

Infinity Member? 50% off
enter promocode: INFINITY50 @ checkout

register | $145
6 + unlimited – best deal

register | $75 – 6 only

thanks for inviting + sharing....

About the Facilitator(s):
Beth Clark
Thursdays West End
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Beth Clark
Thursdays West End

WHY YOGA? Why not!! It's the most challenging, enriching, enlivening and fulfilling way to spend my time. After class the cells in my body literally feel fuller, my joints move with grace and my brain feels clearer.

I try, both on and off the mat, to be aligned and free, grounded and light and authentic and true.

As in life, accepting my ego with curiosity and compassion.

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