New Rewards Program in Effect – No More Perkville Points
2 weeks only to claim Perkville points – by April 30/17

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Effective today, we will no longer be using Perkville as our studio rewards program. For the past month & a half, all those that have been practicing at Samatva Studios have been accumulating both Perkville Points + Samatva $REWARDS.

Want to know what you have?

Samatva $REWARDS: 

Login to your MBO account here: to see your accumulated $$ Rewards

View my current samatva $Rewards

Perkville Points: 

Visit and create your account using the same email that you have provided the studio.  This will link your accounts + tell you what you have accumulated over time and what you can redeem your existing points for.  We no longer will be offering Thai Yoga Massage as a possibility for redemption for perkville points.

NOTE: This cannot be done in studio. Please do not ask staff to do this. You must redeem yourself though Perkville Only. Once redeemed you will receive a gift card with a barcode for studio use and redemption. Due to the entire studio redeeming points within the next two weeks, Jaime cannot possibly accommodate the requests to fill this option moving forward.

As of April 30, 2017 your Perkville Account will be closed and all your unclaimed points expired.

Redeem Perkville Points by April 30, 2017

Transitioning Perkville Points – 2 weeks only – by April 30, 2017 – no exceptions

You will have the next 2 weeks to claim and remaining points with Perkville. Your options for redemption are:

  • 450 pts: One free Class
  • 750 pts: $25 Gift Card (For a Friend, not you + yoga only)
  • 1450 pts: One Month Unlimited

The only points you can gift are in gift cards. Have a one year membership? Share your points!

Please be sure to read all the details when choosing your option.

All Points MUST be Redeemed in studio within 30 days of claim from Perkville. This includes gift cards. Be sure to tell recipient (it in in the fine print on the gift card too!) Gift Cards that are NOT redeemed in studio by May 30 will no longer be valid and considered expired. Why? On May 30th, we will be closing the Perkville account and we cannot verify redemption of any Perkville Passes. Gift Cards cannot be used by client redeeming, they are gifted only. No exception, no extensions. Thank you for understanding that this policy is firm.

Earning New Samatva $Rewards

All students that practice at Samatva Yoga will now be earning Samatva $REWARDS. You will be able to redeem these for ANYTHING (except merchandise). This means that you can use your rewards to attend workshops, events, get discounts on treatments and so much more. Check anytime by simply logging into your MBO account and once you hit $20 you can begin redeeming!

New $$$ Reward System + Earning Values

  • Point Value: $0.10 each
  • Refer a New Student: 50 Points (earn $5)
  • $1 Spent: Earn .25 points
  • Booking Classes Online: 2 Points
  • Booking Treatments Online: 5 Points


  1. Hello
    I have redeemed my points and have two-“One Free Class Pass” which has a barcode on each print out. My question is how can I book a class online and use the voucher. I have tried purchasing a class and putting the barcode into the promo.code area but no luck. Is my only solution not to book online and just walk in and have it scanned by the front desk?

    1. Author

      Thanks for asking! You have to bring your receipt to the studio. We are unable to validate online and thus you cannot prebook your class with this option. Thanks

  2. Hi Jaime, I don’t see the new $REWARDS information on the MindBody signup. Is it supposed to show something about points or dollars? Mine looks just the same. Do I need to sign up or is it automatic? Thank you. Susan

    1. Author

      Hi Susan. Thanks for you asking. Your current (as of today) $REWARDs balance is $9.20 and you are automatically entered into the program when you create a profile with MBO. If you log in follow these steps

      1. Log in to MBO
      2. Go to ‘MY INFO’ tab
      3. CLick ‘Account’ sub menu
      4. Voila. It’s there at the bottom

      On this page you will also find your past pricing options, account information and then Rewards. It will show you a breakdown of when when and how many as you have earned

      Once you hit the $20 mark you can start redeeming them towards anything except merchandise. There is a limit for massage of $10 per visit. 🙂

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