Lululemon SMY sunday morning yoga
Join Samatva Yoga Sundays @ 930am – August 26

Join Samatva Yoga educators Jaime, Hang, Sarah + Andrea ( AKA Piper) @ Lululemon SMY this summer Sundays from 9:30-10:30 am for a complimentary yoga class!  It is bring your own mat.  SAMATVA HOSTS SMY: Sunday Mornings @ 930am thanks for inviting + sharing…. thanks for inviting + sharing…. share to a friend or share to social media

YOGA SALE back-to-school
ends Sept 15 – limited quantities

We understand that yoga can get expensive but SELF CARE needs to be a priority and the balance of input (nourishing that is) and output (where all our energy currently is going) is IMPORTANT! Starting today we are setting you up with some of our sweetest deals of the year.  Please take a moment to read the terms of the …

Restorative Yoga, Hands-on, Aromatherapy + Sound Healing Submergence
Sunday August 19 @ 600pm

Join us for this 2.5 hour exceptional healing event to RESTORE yourself to wholeness, balance and well-being. The workshop will include several ancient modalities, merging restorative yoga with powerful Reiki, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage and Aromatherapy hands-on healing, as well as themed guided meditation. Prepare to feel completely transformed. Space is limited to ensure that everyone receives lots of individual …

Yoga HIIT | Baby Friendly
W/E Aug 29 + D/T Aug 9

Combine the deep breathing and consciousness fostered in yoga with higher intensity interval training, which challenges your body to perform at its highest capacity for short spurts of time.   Benefit from both the strengthening and stretching each element offers, burning fat, increasing muscle definition while keeping your body subtle and flexible. This combination allows you to benefit on all levels, …