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Enter Educator: Julian Gregory

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Meeting ourselves right where we are. Being curious about it, so we can enjoy the process of yoga, we can enjoy who we are in the moment. Listening to the body, letting it take the lead. I want people to have fun in yoga, to smile and maybe even laugh a little. Because it’s not what we do, but how …

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Sailing the Kite of the Sternum

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Just as a kite suspends on atmospheric wind currents, so the sternum and heart float upward on the internal winds of breath Anatomically the heart is attached to the posterior border of the sternum, so that whenever the sternum moves, the heart follows. Poses that actively stretch the sternum, such as taking the arms behind the back and clasping the …

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The Chakra Yoga Flow
Sunday July 16 @ 500pm

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In yoga philosophy, we are comprised of more than our visible ‘flesh and bones’ bits. We also have an invisible energetic body. Just as blood vessels move our blood around the body, we also have a dense network of nadis (energy channels), which move prana (vital energy or life force) around the body. Yoga practices such as asana, pranayama and …

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2 Hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion
2017 Schedule
UPCOMING: July 6, 14, 16, 19, 20, 24, 26, 30+ Aug 3

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Are you ready to elevate your yoga? Always dreamed of flying? Want to learn how to trust and feel supported? Curious about the healing and therapeutic benefits of suspending? Then the Samatva Suspension Yoga™ Immersion is for you! Perfect for beginners and floor based yogis alike. This workshop, the pre-requisite to attend drop-in schedule Suspension classes, introduces safe and effective …

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Today: Live Yoga + Have Patience

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Have you ever encountered a situation in your life where you wanted things to move just a little bit faster? Where you’re thinking, “could someone please extract me from this moment and take me to the future? It’s really painful right here… please?” SOMETIMES, DO NOTHING. Waiting for answers can make us anxious and impatient.  In the space of waiting …